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Thursday’s Grid Schedule 2012 – (Switch to Linear Format)

Thursday - November 15, 2012
TimeWaverlyCotton Creek IIStandley I LabMeadowbrook IDolphin LabMeadowbrook IIWindsor
8:00 a.m.Notetakers, Scribes, and Readers for STEM Classes, Judith Gurka, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Creating Accessible Educational Web Media, Kathleen Wahlbin, Pearson
[Virtual Track A]
Marist College`s Learning Disabilities Support Program Graduates Independent Learners, Jean Vizvary, Marist College
Who is at the Controls? Take-off of the Etext Pilot Program at UW, Dan Comden, University of Washington
iAccessibility - iPhones & iPads: Mobile Freedom for All, Paul Adam, Deque Systems, Inc.
[Virtual Track B]
Using Webinar Software for Low Vision Access in the Classroom, Todd Schwanke, University of Wisconsin - Madison
9:15 a.m.Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions Round-table Discussions
10:30 a.m.Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break Exhibit hall break
11:30 a.m.Product Accessibility Assessment: Prioritizing and Making Recommendations in an Imperfect World, Greg Kraus, NC State University
Beyond Compliance, Derek Featherstone, Simply Accessible
(11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.) [VirtualTrackA]
Web Accessibility for Designers, Jared Smith, WebAIM
(1.5 hr session - 11:00 - 12:30)
Recent Developments in OCR Cases, James (Jim) Long, U.S. Dep`t of Education, Office for Civil Rights
(1.5 hr session - 11:00 - 12:30)
Dolphin Easy Converter - 1-Source to 5 Formats in 50 Clicks - no kidding!, Julie Balassa, Valencia College
(1.5 hr session - 11:00 - 12:30)
Video Captioning: Lessons Learned from a DIY Approach, Marla Roll, Colorado State University
(1.5 hr session - 11:00 - 12:30) [Virtual Track B]
How to use AT to Sneak Universal Design into the Campus Mindset, Leyna Bencomo, Community College of Denver
12:30 - 2:00 p.m.Plenary Lunch Plenary LunchPlenary Lunch Plenary Lunch Plenary Lunch Plenary LunchPlenary Lunch
2:15 p.m.Getting Around Campus When You Cannot See the Signs: Exploring GPS technology for the Visually Impaired and Blind Student Navigating the CSUN Campus, Trudy Bowden-Callahan, CallahanAT
Congratulations-you`re in charge of Alt Format. Now what?, Julie Balassa, Valencia College
[Virtual Track A]
What`s New in ZoomText 10?, Kimberly Cline, Ai Squared
Audio Note Taking Software: What is it and Why do Students Use it?, David Tucker, Sonocent
(45 minute session)
My Accessible College: Leaning Disabilities & dyslexia, Jeff Bazer, Dolphin Computer Access
Quick Start to Captioning, Tole Khesin, 3Play Media
[Virtual Track B]
Get Your Geek On: OOO AT for Newbies , Wink Harner, Mesa Community College
3:30 - 4:30 p.m.Accessibility Throughout the Project Life-cycle: Everyone Has a Role, Angela Hooker, Cascades Technologies Inc.
Congratulations-you`re in charge ... continued [VirtualTrackA] Zoomtext Lab continues Faculty Bashing and Other Methods for Failure with Online Learning Access, Jayme Johnson, HTCTU
My Accessible College continues Practical Strategies for Meeting Accessibility Laws in Higher Education, Ken Nakata, HiSoftware
Get Your Geek On lecture continues

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