Accessibility within the Buyer’s Journey

Scheduled at 11:15am in Gov Square 10 on Thursday, November 18.



  • Amanda Calvert, IT Accessibility Program Director, University of Cincinnati

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  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: All Levels
  • Type of session: General Conference


Take a deep dive into how accessibility fits within a buyer’s journey. Instead of looking at accessibility through the lens of IT procurement, we are going to look at it from the buyer’s view to create an efficient processes for the buyer. You will learn the University of Cincinnati built buy-in and conformance by stepping into the buyer’s shoes.


Within Higher Education, ICT is crucial to our students, faculty and staff. Technology purchases can be small scale for use by one person to large scale for use institution wide, and everything in between. The process for procuring technology can be all over the board, from entering a credit card to going through a full RFP process. Yet, we still need to make sure each ICT purchase is accessible. We are always asking our faculty and our staff to do more and more. Including with accessibility. Their websites must be accessible. Their classroom materials must be accessible. They need to understand the student accommodation process. AND they need to be sure to purchase accessible technology. How can we put ourselves in their shoes and build processes and guidance around their current, natural habits? In this presentation you will learn how accessibility fits within the buyer’s journey and how to create guidance that is simple, digestible and easily accessed for your buyers.


  1. Accessibility procurement processes need to be simple and digestible.
  2. Accessibility must be a criteria at the beginning of every buyer's journey when procuring ICT products.
  3. Key partnerships are critical in building buy-in, conformance and culture.

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Speaker Bio(s)

Amanda Calvert

Amanda is an IT Accessibility Program Director at the University of Cincinnati. In her role she focuses on accessibility within ICT procurement. She has worked to develop and refine process, efficiencies, and guidance around the ICT procurement policies. The University of Cincinnati is an urban public research campus with more than 46,000 enrolled students. UC has two regional campuses in addition to its main campus, a medical school, law school, 379 degree programs and an online degree program.

Amanda previously worked for large corporations such as Luxottica and Procter & Gamble as a digital marketing leader focusing on user experience and the sales process. She brings her working knowledge of marketing into this position enabling her to step outside of the IT and academia worlds and into the world of our end-users, buyers and vendors. This provides a unique advantage in developing processes and guidance to share throughout the university.

In her personal life she is a wife and a mother of seven children and three fur babies.