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Creating Audio-Tactiles on the Fly

Proposal No: 2993

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  • Alexa Schriempf, Penn State University

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Length of Session (in hours): 1-hrFormat: Lecture Expertise Level: BeginnerType of session: Not provided

Summary of Session

A quick and dirty hack that repurposes already existing AT equipment to make audio-tactile graphics on the fly.


If your institution has livescribe pens and a swell-form machine, then you can provide audio tactile graphics on the fly to students with vision impairments. This is a technique that can be deployed by your alternative media unit or by STEM departments that wish to make certain concepts in the STEM fields more intuitively accessible. In this presentation I will demo an accessible Pascal's triangle made with ATC Swell Form and a Livescribe pen. The workflow for this process will then be shown to be adaptable for use with other tactile and other audio technologies.


  1. how to hack the LiveScribe Pen for use with tactiles

Speaker Bio(s)

Alexa Schriempf

I am an avid technology hacker, accessibility consultant, instructional designer, and rabid composter. I am also deaf, and have bi-lateral cochlear implants. While teaching and taking residential and online courses as a graduate student, I invented and implemented a number of teaching, learning, and technology hacks to improve my own and my students’ access to educational content. Currently, I am an Accessibility Technologist at Penn State. I divide my time between the TLT Accessibility team and Office of Disability Services. My job is to help ensure compliance of Penn State’s information technology resources with policy and federal law by providing testing and consulting services, and personalized support for assistive technology.


Creating Audio Tactile Graphics on the Fly_Higher Ground 2015 Handout_Creating Audio Tactile Graphics on The Fly with Livescribe Pen or PenFriend JAWS of PPT_Creating Audio Tactiles on the Fly_Higher Ground 2015