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The Accessibility Playground and A11YFixer: Two open source tools for training and correcting accessibility problems

Proposal No: 2714

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  • Greg Kraus, Principal Accessibility Specialist, Interactive Accessibility

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Summary of Session

Learn how to use the Accessibility Playground, an open source tool that allows you to write custom training for accessible coding techniques. Also learn to use the A11YFixer, a jQuery based tool that allows you to make modifications to existing Web content to correct accessibility problems.


The Accessibility Playground is an open source training tool that allows developers to experiment with code as they learn accessible coding practices. It provides real time feedback and guidance on how to make UI components of Web pages accessible. Custom trainings can be developed for tasks ranging from adding alternative text to images, to complex tasks like developing advanced ARIA widgets. The A11YFixer (Accessibility Fixer) is an open source JavaScript based program that allows users to modify existing Web pages and applications that have accessibility problems so that they can be made accessible. Custom scripts can be developed to modify the page in any way the user wants. This tool can be used to show developers changes they need to make to their code before deployment, or even to correct problems with content already deployed that you may not be able to easily change otherwise.


  1. Accessibility Playground engages learners with real time feedback as they experiment with coding solutions
  2. A11YFixer can be used to easily communicate necessary accessibility coding changes to developers
  3. A11YFixer can modify existing Web content to make it accessible

Speaker Bio(s)

Greg Kraus

Greg Kraus is the Principal Accessibility Specialist at Interactive Accessibility. He brings a breadth and depth of accessibility experience that is both engaging and transformative for organizations. Greg combines his experience of implementing accessibility at the institutional level with his technical ability to develop innovative software solutions. Greg takes a people-centered approach to accessibility – accessibility is about people who need access to products and services, and it’s about people who will be making changes to their own workflows in order to deliver accessible products and services. He meets people where they are, creates a vision for where they need to be, and then journeys with them to make it a reality. Previously Greg worked at NC State University as the IT Accessibility Coordinator. Where he developed many innovative accessibility solutions. He also led national accessibility efforts as the EDUCAUSE IT Accessibility Constituent Group Leader.