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New Developments in Image and Math Content Accessibility 2.0

Proposal No: 2684

Bios & Handouts


  • Sue-Ann Ma, Product Manager, Benetech
  • Lucia Hasty, , Rocky Mountain Braille Associates

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Length of Session (in hours): 1-hrFormat: Lecture Expertise Level: All Levels Type of session: Not provided

Summary of Session

DSS offices, educators, content producers, and assistive technology specialists need tools for creating accessible STEM materials, content & images. Building upon the success from last year, participants will learn what new and improved tools you can use to bring accessible images and math and 3D printed objects to students with print disabilities


With the advancement of the new EPUB 3 format in digital publishing, the explosion of funding for “ed tech” and the availability to design, create and print tactile objects, new opportunities are emerging to allow accessibility to be built into the creation of educational materials from the start, making them cheaper, easier and faster to produce. What new resources are available to educational content creators and assistive technology specialists? This session will cover new initiatives that fill existing gaps in delivering accessible math and image content to students in a timely manner. Learn about resources you can use today that will provide many options for creating accessible versions of digital images and tactile objects such as maps, bar charts, diagrams, mathematical expressions, photographs, models and more. Information on emerging research and development in interactive images will also be included in this session.


  1. Use of 3D printed objects for education
  2. New accessible image formats in the 2nd Edition of the Accessible Image Sample Book
  3. Latest developments in creating accessible Math with MathML Cloud 1.0

Speaker Bio(s)

Sue-Ann Ma

Sue-Ann Ma is the Product Manager for Benetech Labs and has been responsible for the product development of all of the DIAGRAM Center technology since 2013, including MathML Cloud, Math Support Finder, and the Poet Image Description tool. She brings a varied and deep skill set to our team. Prior to working for Benetech, Sue-Ann worked as a Product Manager for a company producing Chinese Language learning materials and a Project Manager for Polo Ralph Lauren’s Project and Planning Division. She also is a member of the EdReady advisory board.

Lucia Hasty

Lucia’s background is in teaching students who are blind or visually impaired, students with learning disabilities, and students with other disabilities for 17 years. She held administrative positions in the field for 18 years, including coordinating a curriculum development project, a recreational facility for children and adults with disabilities, and Colorado's state instructional materials center for students with vision disabilities. Retired from education, she is a consultant, presenting workshops and developing training materials on tactile graphics for a variety of audiences. She served on the Tactile Graphics Committees of Braille Authority of North America (BANA) as chair, BANA/Canadian Braille Authority Joint Committee as co-chair, National Braille Association as past chair and is a member of the tactile graphics committee of International Council on English Braille.


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