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Effects of a Postsecondary Faculty Professional Development Program Designed to Better Address the Needs of Students with Disabilities

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  • Kelly Roberts, Kelly, University of Hawaii
  • Robert Stodden, Professor, University of Hawaii

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Length of Session (in hours): 1-hrFormat: Lecture Expertise Level: BeginnerType of session: Not provided

Summary of Session

Innovative and Sustainable Teaching Methods and Strategies project staff provided professional development (PD) to postsecondary education faculty. The PD was designed to improve knowledge, attitudes, and skills aligned with better addressing the needs of all students, including students with disabilities. The presentation reports on the results.


The short-term and sustained impact research findings from the Summer Institute indicate that, from the participating faculty perspective, faculty PD does improve/increase knowledge, attitudes, and skills of faculty for instructing students with diverse needs, including SWD. The findings also indicate that the short-term effects of PD can be sustained, and that faculty do/will implement PD strategies in their instruction. By enhancing faculty knowledge, skills, and attitudes, the researchers contributed to enhancing the instructional conditions for SWD, thus increasing the likelihood of SWD succeeding in postsecondary education.


  1. How PD improves/increases knowledge, attitudes & skills of faculty for instructing students w/disabilities
  2. How faculty implement PD strategies in their instruction - both in person and online
  3. Professional skills needed to make courses accessible to all students in the class

Speaker Bio(s)

Kelly Roberts

Kelly D. Roberts, PhD is a Professor at the Center on Disability Studies (CDS) at the University of Hawai`i. She has developed curricula related to educating postsecondary education faulty in meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities. She has also conducted extensive higher education faculty professional development.

Robert Stodden


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