Teaching You to Teach Others about STEM Accessibility

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Scheduled at 9:00am in Westminster I on Tuesday, November 15 (2016).



  • Krista Greear, Access Text and Technology Manager, Univeristy of Washington

Session Details

  • Length of Session: 3-hr
  • Format:
  • Expertise Level: Intermediate
  • Type of session: Pre-conference


Give conference attendees a high level view of the main issues in PRINT STEM accessibility and be able to retain information and communicate that to their organization


Krista will teach you how to start or deepen the conversation about print STEM accessibility on your campus. The following sample questions are the core of this "create the teacher then teach them how to teach others" approach: What types of disabilities need accessible STEM content? What does an accessible STEM document look like? Where is STEM content found? What are the top 5 vocab words I need to know in order to TALK about STEM accessibility? What are the big no-nos of STEM accessibility? What are low hanging fruits on your campus? What about high hanging fruits? This presentation will pull from the experience of audience members about how to get or maintain momentum on your campus regarding print STEM accessibility. Some anticipated "tangilibes" are generate a list of questions to gather the necessary info when working with instructors to provide accessible STEM content • have folks practice explaining STEM accessibility within two minutes or less • share good examples of


  1. Be able to explain what STEM accessibility is to their campus.
  2. Understand the top five terms to discuss basic print accessibility for STEM content
  3. Brainstorm with group low-hanging fruit and higher-hanging fruit for STEM accessibility on your individual campu

Disability Areas

Cognitive/Learning, Mobility, Vision

Topic Areas

Alternate Format, Faculty Instruction/Accessible Course Design

Speaker Bio(s)

Krista Greear

Krista’s love for helping students, technology and data is a great fit for her position as the Access Text and Technology Manager, where she provides accessible textbooks, course packs, articles and other instructional materials. She has served in higher education disability services, providing students with alternate text for 8 years — 4 as a part-time employee at Central Washington University and 4 years full-time at the University of Washington. She is involved with the UW’s Web Council, Approaches on Accessibility interest group, Online Advising group and Husky Toastmasters. In her graduate work in Educational Technology, Krista aims to learn more about the tools, content and strategies faculty use to teach online and hybrid courses in order to train faculty how to create accessible-born courses, degrees and programs.


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