Estimated Fees & Travel Costs*

PLEASE NOTE: To estimate conference and travel costs, not including airfare, consult the following price list.

CHANGES TO LAST YEAR'S FEES: We more or less kept last year's fees. One registration option, the Tues. - Fri. package, was reduced in price; pre-conference-only registration was increased slightly. In response to feedback from last year's event, we did add registration options for what we term "complete packages" with both Keynote (Weds.) & Plenary (Thurs.) lunches and the audio proceedings DVD included. Feel free to contact us with any questions about these changes.

Main Conference, Weds. – Friday (Nov. 14–16): $450
Pre & Main Conference, Monday – Friday (Nov. 12–16): $675

(For single day pricing, late fees, and packages including meals, see the table below)

Super Shuttle – round trip from DIA to Westin: $54

Westin Hotel Rate: $141 for per night single.*

*Included Meals: Wednesday evening hors d’oeuvres. Westin rate includes one $10 meal coupon per night of stay.

Internet Access* (in room): included in Westin rate.

*Note: you must book directly with the hotel to receive the conference rate and receive waiver of room Internet fees. If you book through an online booking service such as Orbitz, Travelocity, etc., you will not receive the free room Internet service.

Conference Packages & Options

By Sept. 15 After Sept. 15

Pre-Conference (Nov. 12-13)

Mon., 10:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. workshops $200 $250
Tues., 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. workshops $200 $250
Pre-Conference package (Mon.-Tues) $350 $425

Main Conference (Nov. 14-16)

Includes all workshops, Weds. - Fri. (keynote & plenary lunches not included)


Complete Package: includes all workshops, Weds. - Fri. (both lunches & audio proceedings included) $520 $580
Wednesday Keynote Lunch (if purchased separately) $25 $25

Thursday Plenary Lunch (if purchased separately)

$25 $25

Pre- and Main Conference Package

Mon.-Fri., Nov. 12-16 (lunches, DVD, not included) $675 $725
Complete Package: includes all workshops Mon.-Fri. (both lunches & audio proceedings included) $720 $795

Tuesday Pre-Conference only | Main Conference Packages

Tues.-Fri., Nov. 13-16 (lunches, DVD, not included) $590 $660
Complete Package: includes all workshops Tues.-Fri. (both lunches & audio proceedings included) $650 $725

Keynote | Plenary Meals purchased as add-on

Wednesday Keynote Lunch $25 $25

Thursday Plenary Lunch

$25 $25

One-day Conference fees

Weds., Nov. 14 only (does not include lunch) $250 $300
Thurs., Nov. 15 only (does not include lunch) $250 $300
Wednesday Plenary Lunch $25 $25
Thurs. Plenary Lunch $25 $25
Fri., Nov. 16 $200 $250

Optional Memberships, Media Fees

ATHEN Professional Membership¹ (Optional) $50 $50
DVD Audio Recording of Conference Sessions** $60 $60


Speaker - out-of-state
Speaker - in-state




ATHEN Discount (renewing² members only)

(Conference DVD included with this membership only)**

-$65 -$65
ATHEN Discount for new or non-renewing members 3 -$30 -$30

CO-WY Consortium Discount



Group & Other DISCOUNTS4



(Conference DVDs NOT included with these memberships)





Groups of 5

(To receive the 10% discount, groups of 5 must be from the same institution and must register and pay as a group using the "group registration option" on the registration site.)

-10% -10%

First 20 Registrants

(The first 20 registrants will receive a 5% discount. Enter '1st20' in the discount field to receive this discount.)

-5% -5%

Cancellation Policy α

By Oct. 5 After Oct. 5
Cancellation Processing Fee

Refunds will be granted until Oct. 5. A $90 cancellation will be incurred.

$90 Refunds granted on a case by case basis.α

¹ For more information on ATHEN membership and its benefits, see the web site at You can still join ATHEN or renew your membership even if you are not attending the conference. In this case you will receive your conference audio DVD through the mail.

²Only ATHEN members who have been dues paying members within the last 2 years, 2012 or 2011, are eligible for the $65 discount upon renewal of their ATHEN membership and payment of dues through the AHG conference.

³Individuals joining ATHEN for the first time or who have not been dues paying members within one of the last 2 years are eligible for a $30 discount when they join or renew through the AHG conference.

4"MEMBER DISCOUNTS" cannot be combined. In other words, registrants can only choose one discount from amoung all the member discounts available in the two categories. However, speaker discounts can be combined with any one of the member discounts. The 10% or 5% "SPEAKER DISCOUNT" will be calculated after the member discount has been applied. Check the AHEAD & ATIA websites for the discount code.

** Not all sessions are recorded. The cost of the DVD at the conference will be $90.

† Proof of affiliation may be requested upon check-in

α After Oct. 5, refunds are granted on a case by case basis.


CEUs available per day

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
.5 .6 .5 .4 .4

CEU credit of .1 per hour of the conference is available for both the pre- and main conference. A $65 processing fee is required along with the submission of paperwork that documents your completion of the seminar. This paperwork will be posted shortly.

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