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Pre-10W: New Technology & Accessibility in Higher Education – Promises and Challenges

Agenda – January 30


Personal computers arrived on campuses around 25 years ago. The Web followed on most college campuses about 10 to 12 years later. Now both technologies are ubiquitous throughout campuses (and everywhere else). The Internet, in tandem with the computer, is used in the classroom, for grading, for faculty-student communication and for myriad other academic and administrative activities. Add to this other digital and communication technologies such as “lecture capture,” “online homework systems,”? “mobile technologies and apps,”? “Cloud-based systems”? and “e-books,”? and we find a campus learning environment that is dramatically different from that seen just over two decades ago or even ten years ago.

This 1-day pre-conference will discuss new technologies such as those mentioned above and discuss both their promises and challenges. Speakers will discuss how to use these technologies to their greatest effect and how to insure that these new technologies are implemented so that they are accessible.