Launching the A11y Facts Portal – A Consumer Friendly Approach to Accessibility Information

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Scheduled at 8:00am in Waverly on Thursday November, 16.



  • Robert Martinengo, CAMI Project Director, Georgia Institute of Technology

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  • Length of Session: 1-hr
  • Format: Lecture
  • Expertise Level: All Levels
  • Type of session: General Conference


The potential for digital course materials to eliminate barriers for students with disabilities will not be fully realized until students needs are addressed proactively and information about accessibility is available to consumers. The A11y Facts Portal is a conduit for accessibility information and will be beta tested and launched in 2018.


Digital textbooks have the potential to level the playing field by being accessible to all students, regardless of disability, but a fragmented marketplace makes it difficult to become aware of new and innovative products. For students with disabilities to enjoy the same benefits of shopping for textbooks on the open market, there must be reliable product information on which to base acquisition decisions. The A11y Facts Portal is designed to be a conduit for accessibility information about etextbooks and other materials to be presented in a consumer-friendly manner. This session will cover the basics of the A11y Facts Portal – its primary function, how it came to be, its current stage of development, and plans for beta testing and launch in 2018. A11y Facts is an initiative of the Center for Accessible Materials Innovation (CAMI)- a US Department of Education First in the World grant funded project hosted by AMAC Accessibility Solutions at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


  1. How the A11y Facts Portal will be useful to disability service offices and faculty
  2. How students with disabilities and publishers will be able to benefit from the portal
  3. How disability service office staff can participate in the beta test

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Cognitive/Learning, Vision

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Speaker Bio(s)

Robert Martinengo

Robert Martinengo is the Project Director for the Center for Accessible Materials Innovation (CAMI). . CAMI is a First in the World grant funded project to improve academic success for post-secondary students with print related disabilities Robert has been making instructional materials accessible to students with disabilities for 20 years. At Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (now Learning Ally), Robert was the Studio Director in Los Angeles, California when RFB&D developed digital production and distribution systems. Robert was the Supervisor of the Alternate Text Production Center of the California Community Colleges, where he instituted the first publisher file request system. Robert has written for Accessible Content Magazine, consulted for the Maryland Department of Disabilities, and given presentations on accessibility to the Association of American Publishers, the World Bank, the Text and Academic Author Association, and others.