News & Updates

Accessing Higher Ground has Moved

The Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) and Accessing Higher Ground (AHG) are pleased to announce that the AHG conference has moved its administrative home to AHEAD. Although AHG began at the University of Colorado-Boulder (UCB) and has enjoyed 14 years of support from the campus, an evaluation of the current situation and discussions with campus administration and the AHEAD organization over the last few months has led all parties to conclude that situating the conference at AHEAD would benefit the ongoing success and growth of the conference. The University of Colorado-Boulder will continue as a sponsor and collaborator and both AHEAD and AHG look forward to an ongoing relationship with the university.

Will this Result in Changes to the Conference?

In practice and outward appearance, the AHG conference will remain the same – the location, focus and time of year of the event will not change: the conference will remain in Colorado (the Westin Hotel in Westminster will be the venue for at least the next two years) and will continue to take place around the second week of November. It is possible that sometime in the future we may consider a different venue or time of year for the event but for the next few years we do not anticipate any changes. Howard Kramer, who coordinated the conference during its time at UCB, will continue as the conference coordinator.

Changes to the Website

One area of change will be the url for the conference, which has already changed from to Please update your bookmarks accordingly. As you may have already noticed, the home page and primary pages for the conference have already migrated to the new site and the site identity has changed to indicate our new AHEAD affiliation. Some of our old archive pages will still reside on the old site, at least for a few months. However, eventually, all conference pages will reside on the new server at the new url. You may occasionally find a broken link as we continue the transition. Please let us know of any bugs you may find by contacting Howard Kramer by email or phone at 303-492-8672.

Additional Benefits for AHEAD Members

The new conference affiliation with AHEAD will allow us to offer a larger discount of $50 to AHEAD members who attend the AHG conference. Please consult the website for more information. AHG continues to remain the official conference of Access Technology Higher Education Network (ATHEN).

Derek Featherstone, internationally known authority on accessibility, web development, and author, will be this year's AHG keynote speaker.

Creator of in-depth courses on HTML, CSS, DOM Scripting, and Web 2.0 applications, his approach never fails to champion the cause of web standards and universal accessibility. As founder of Simply Accessible, he has been an in-demand consultant to government agencies, educational institutions, and private sector companies since 1999. Derek will also conduct hands-on workshops and other sessions at the conference.